Unknown Cause

from by a Baker

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Unknown cause

When the end of their lives silently calls
Trembling, the leaves start to fall
Through the wind like a whisper in the noise
Growing into a hurricane by unknown cause

The believers knee deep start to pray
The easy tellers door peep and start to say
The empty words of their judging soul
Growing into terror by unknown cause

The devil as fate is hidden in the details
We are trodding unsafe on the trail of death
And I laugh at the devil's face
And I laugh at the devil's face

When the weight of feathers is getting heard
Torn appart from the wings of the steel bird
Falling on the ground while losing its roots from the soil
Killing its own tree by unknown cause

The physiker watches deep and starts to analyse
The warmongers watch blind and start to criticize
What they don't know, sure to see with closed eyes
Growing into corruption by unknown cause

When evil melt easily with the good
The wallet full of money takes place of stomach full of food
Starving of needs the others don't have and judge as false
Growing into human misery by unknown cause

The philosophers think deep humbly try to understand
The owners dig deep in moving sand
Its golden grave but feed the vultures and eagles
Growing into distraught corpse by unknown cause

When the end of the world knocks on our door
We run to open it soon we'll see it's a wall
Deaf at consciousness we don't see passing the turtoise
Faster than the hare by unknown cause

The observers breathe deep not to leave a trace
The hunters breathe deep not to miss a breath
To prove himself his fake superiority
Forgetting he is an animal by unknown cause


from Flour Headed Monster, released October 20, 2016



all rights reserved


a Baker Fribourg, Switzerland

« The soft whisper of a dying membrane in an autumn morning dew rings out of this ditty hurled by riffs. A Baker, that's several faces of human being trying to coexist by oscillating between harmonies and dissonances, tensions and resolutions. »

« A Baker, it's a salmon canapé, grilled with a flamethrower! »

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